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Star Ratings in TripAdvisor

December 20, 2017

Have you ever noticed and given a thought on how TripAdvisor Computes “Start Rating” in Listings. Before going deeper understanding how TripAdvisor shows star ratings on the listings, we will get to know some overview about the TripAdvisor Star Rating.

Where I can See the Star Rating on TripAdvisor ?

You can see that Rating in individual listings page in the “About” Section. You have to scroll down a little bit down the listing in the “About” section and on the right side, you have the “Details” as main section and you have to refer the sub-section “Hotel Class”.

TripAdvisor Listing —-> About —-> Details¬† —-> Hotel Class

Star Rating Preview

Below screenshot of the rating which you can refer:

Hotel Class Star Rating in TripAdvisor

How TripAdvisor Computing this Star Rating?

TripAdvisor usually have own algorithms to compute different metrics in TripAdvisor listings. For example – Bubble Ratings, the most important metrics in TripAdvisor were computed by TripAdvisor itself. However this star ratings was not the usual case. TripAdvisor computes it from third party partner websites. You can find this by placing your mouse above the Star Ratings. Once mouse over, you will get a small pop-up as shown in the below image.

TripAdvisor Star Rating by OTA websites

You can re-confirm this by visiting this TripAdvisor Support link

As per TripAdvisor explanation, these star ratings are fetched by TripAdvisor from third party partner websites like Expedia, Gatia and National Ratings Organizations.

Can Accommodation Owners Change these Ratings ?

A big no. TripAdvisor Accommodation owners cannot change these ratings directly or by contacting TripAdvisor. We have to contact the respective partner websites to change these star ratings. Below table shows TripAdvisor partnership with third party partner websites for star ratings. TripAdvisor Accommodation owners can contact these websites.

Country Name Partners Network Name (Star Ratings Provider)
India Expedia
South Africa TGCSA (Tourism Grading Council of South Africa)
New Zealand Qualmark
England TheAA and Visit England
Jersey TheAA and Jersey Tourism
Accommodations not partnered with the providers listed above and accommodations in all other countries Expedia or Giata

Can You Show Us the Proof of Star Ratings Fetched By TripAdvisor ?

Lets do an exercise by countries. I have taken the following resort “The Gold Beach Resort” from the country “India”. I took this resort by searching randomly in TripAdvisor.

Screenshot of the Resort

Gold Beach Resort Star Rating Exercise

TripAdvisor Hotel Class Star Rating – 4

TripAdvisor Hotel Class Star Rating

Expedia Star Rating – 4

Expedia Star Rating

If you look at the above screenshots, you can find the star ratings match.